Funding Request
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Funding Request

Click here to download  a printable version of the “Funding Request” form from the North Dakota Soybean Council.


Click here to download  a printable version of the “County Extension Mini Grant Request” form from the North Dakota Soybean Council.


* To request funding for soybean research, please contact Research Programs Coordinator Miki Miheguli at 701-566-9300, or by email at

Vision for North Dakota Soy:

Growing a legacy of successful farmers.



Innovating to expand partnerships, markets, and opportunities for the success of North Dakota soybean growers.


Strategic Initiatives:

  1. Market Development – Build demand and market share for North Dakota Soy
  2. Production and Plant Breeding Research – Invest in production practices and plant breeding to improve the current and long-term success of North Dakota soybean farmers
  3. Biodiesel – Support opportunities for demand and production of biodiesel
  4. New Uses – Invest in new uses for North Dakota soy with the potential for high volume or high value demand
  5. Public Relations – Strengthen the relationship between consumers and farmers

If you have received funding from the ND Soybean Council please click here to download the required quarterly reporting form.

Requirements for Funding:

  • Projects must have a direct benefit to ND soybean producers.
  • Projects will be considered for funding based on how well they help NDSC meet their goals and impact targe audiences.
  • Only completed NDSC Funding Request Forms will be considered. The form can be accessed online at:
  • Contact the NDSC office for deadline dates for submitting NDSC Funding Request Forms: 701-566-9300.
  • Submit completed funding requests by email to Molly Fern, NDSC Director of Finance at
  • If approved for funding, you will be required to give written and/or verbal reports to NDSC at times specified in finalized project contracts.


Funding Requests will NOT be accepted for the Following Activities:

  • Legislative or lobbying efforts.
  • Political campaigns.
  • Programs or activities that personally benefit employees or directors of the NDSC.
  • Programs or activities that directly benefit a specific individual or private business.
  • Humanitarian efforts.
  • General fund support or sponsorships.
  • Programs that do not have a direct benefit to ND soybean producers or the ND soybean industry.