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Soybeans and soybean farmers have a great story to tell. Agriculture is an important facet of North Dakota’s economy and rural fabric. Even though farming has changed from the time settlers first plowed the soil, farmers’ commitment to producing safe, affordable food in a sustainable manner has not wavered.


As fewer North Dakotans became directly involved in farming, the disconnect between farmers and non-farmers as well as the general knowledge about today’s agriculture has changed. Consumers now have more questions, and even some concerns, about the origins of their food.


The North Dakota Soybean Council (NDSC) works to engage and communicate with non-farmers in various ways throughout the year. NDSC exhibits at state agricultural trade shows, state health and nutrition fairs as well as educational events. North Dakota soybean farmers are committed to building greater awareness among non-farmers about modern agriculture and the many ways soybeans impact their everyday lives.

Living Ag Classroom

Annually, the North Dakota Soybean Council educates fourth graders across the state through the Living Ag Classroom Program. Students learn about soybeans’ importance to the state, including how soybeans are grown and the array of products made from this “miracle bean.” The Living Ag Classroom events are collaborative efforts by many North Dakota agriculture and commodity groups; these events teach fourth-grade students how their food gets from the farmer’s field to the grocery store’s shelves.


In 2021, in-person Living Ag Classroom sessions were not held, but ND commodity groups created an online resource housed on the ND Ag in the Classroom’s website. To learn more, visit www.bit.ly/NDLivingAgClassroom21

CommonGround North Dakota


CommonGround North Dakota is a group of farmers committed to having conversations about the food they grow and how they produce it. The farmers share their personal experiences to help consumers sort through the myths and misinformation surrounding food and farming.


Learn more about CommonGround North Dakota at www.CommonGroundND.com


North Dakota has an active CommonGround presence. Hear their stories and find out about upcoming opportunities to connect on their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/CommonGroundNorthDakota.


Suzie Soybean


Who says soybeans aren’t fun? Suzie Soybean begs to differ. She’s been known to pop up a wide range of events to draw attention to the value soybeans and soybean farmers bring to North Dakota. Be on the lookout at events this year across North Dakota because you never know when a life-sized soybean may become the life of the party!

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