Today’s Modern Agriculture

Mom and daughter in grocery store looking at label of vegetable oil

Farming is a family affair; in fact, nearly 99% U.S. farms are family farms. And those families work 90% of the land and are responsible for 89% of farm production, according to USDA.


Our North Dakota soybean producers are from all types of farms — from varying generations to commodities grown and animals raised, geography and more. But they all have one thing in common: their passion for farming and the families behind them.


Soybeans and soybean farmers have a great story to tell. Agriculture is an important facet of North Dakota’s economy and rural fabric. Even though farming over the years, farmers’ commitment to producing safe, affordable food in a sustainable manner has not wavered.


As fewer North Dakotans became directly involved in farming, the disconnect between farmers and non-farmers as well as the general knowledge about today’s agriculture has changed. Consumers now have more questions, and even some concerns, about the origins of their food.


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