North Dakota Soybean Council | The Council
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The Council

Who Cares About Soybeans?

To learn more about North Dakota soybeans, be sure to watch the below video produced by the North Dakota Soybean Council.

Who Cares About Soybeans


To relentlessly pursue opportunities to invest North Dakota soybean checkoff resources to become the leading soybean supplier in the world for the benefit of producers and consumers.



  • Demonstrate ethical practices in all actions and decisions.
  • Leverage collective and individual strengths in collaboration to bring forth ideas.
  • Relentless support to the industry, our constituents and each other.
  • Create partnerships domestically and internationally forthe benefit of producers and consumers.


Grow North Dakota’s soybean crop value to $3.2 billion by 2020 to benefit all North Dakota soybean producers by enhancing quality and expanding production and market opportunities.



  • Market Development
  • Research & Development
  • Animal Agriculture
  • Culture

Learn how the ND Soybean Council, the soybean checkoff, and the ND Soybean Growers Association work together to benefit ND soybean producers and the soy industry






Soybean Farmers


Bushels of Beans (in 2017)


The North Dakota Soybean Council consists of 12 farmers elected to serve the needs and interests of North Dakota soybean farmers.

Joe Morken


District 4 – Casselton, ND

Troy Uglem

Vice Chairman

District 7 – Northwood, ND

Matt Gast


District 5 – Valley City, ND

Austin Langley


District 9 – Warwick, ND

Mike Langseth

District 1 – Barney, ND

Dan Spiekermeier

District 2 – Sheldon, ND

Mike Schlosser

District 3 – Edgeley, ND

Levi Taylor

District 6 – Ypsilanti, ND

Perry Ostmo

District 8 – Sharon, ND

Mike Muhs

District 10 – Langdon, ND

Chris Brossart

District 11 – Wolford, ND

Daniel Mock

District 12 – Braddock, ND

ND Soybean Council 12 District Map

ND Soybean Council County Representatives

Mike Langseth
Barney, ND
Richland County

Dan Spiekmeier
Sheldon, ND
Ransom County

Jeremiah Undem
Oakes, ND
Dickey County

Michael Schlosser
Edgeley, ND
LaMoure County

Joe Morken
Casselton, ND
Cass County

Matt Gast
Valley City, ND
Barnes County

Levi Taylor
Yipsilanti, ND
Stutsman County

Troy Uglem
Northwood, ND
Grand Forks County

Andrew Haugen
Hannaford, ND
Griggs County

Carl Jensen
Pekin, ND
Nelson County

Perry Ostmo
Sharon, ND
Steele County

Austin Langley
Warwick, ND
Eddy County

Darwin Topp
Glenfield, ND
Foster County

Chad Reimche
Harvey, ND
Wells County

Michael (Mike) Muhs
Langdon, ND
Cavalier County

Alexander (Alex) Cull
Bathgate, ND
Pembina County

Cameron Bina
Lankin, ND
Walsh County

Jeff Hagen
Esmond, ND
Benson County

Timothy Kihle
Bottineau, ND
Bottineau County

Adam Jensen
Bowbells, ND
Burke County

Scott Sova
Noonan, ND
Divide County

Keith Reinowski
Anamoose, ND
McHenry County

Aaron Skarsgard
Stanley, ND
Mountrail County

Chris Brossart
Wolford, ND
Pierce County

Austin Sundeen
Brocket, ND
Ramsey County

Steven Grenier
Rolette, ND
Rolette County

Jason Zeltinger
Kenmare, ND
Ward County

Nathan Leier
Hague, ND
Emmons County

Terry Nagel
Carson, ND
Grant County

Daniel (Dan) Mock
Braddock, ND
Kidder County

Rusty Schultz
Fredonia, ND
Logan County

Allan Rohrich
Zeeland, ND
McIntosh County

Cameron Wahlstrom
Alexander, ND
McKenzie County

Andrew Majeres
Garrison, ND
McLean County

Bryan Aalund
Hazen, ND
Mercer County

Spence Keonig
Mandan, ND
Morton County

David Porsborg
New Salem, ND
Oliver County

United Soybean Board North Dakota Representatives

Jared Hagert
Emerado, ND

Darren Kadlec
Pisek, ND

Jay Myers
Colfax, ND


Meet the staff team of the North Dakota Soybean Council.

Stephanie Sinner

Executive Director

Molly Fern

Director of Finance

Kendall Nichols

Director of Research

Kathy Wiltse

Administrative Assistant

Harrison Weber

Director of Market Development

Suzanne Wolf

Communications Director

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