North Dakota Soybean Council | North Central Soybean Research Program
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North Central Soybean Research Program

North Central Soybean Research Program

Soybean farmers in the Midwest face many of the same production challenges. Whether growers are dealing with aphids, root diseases or nutrient challenges, research can help them understand more about what they are facing and offer management solutions.


In order to maximize checkoff dollars while providing soybean farmers with timely and relevant information, the North Dakota Soybean Council (NDSC) is part of a multi-state effort to share and coordinate research. The North Central Soybean Research is a collaboration of 12 state soybean associations that soybean checkoff funds to improve yields and profitability via university research and extension. The purpose of this coordinated effort is to minimize research duplication and to address production issues facing farmers.


Learn more about the NCSRP program and get results from their research at

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