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2017 Ted Helms’ Soybean Variety Trial Results from All NDSU Research Extension Centers


Soybean Production Field Guide

A-1172 soybeanClick Here to download a copy of NDSU’s Soybean Production Field Guide by Dr. Hans Kandel

Or call the ND Soybean Council to have a copy mailed to you.

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2016 Fungicide Guide
To download a copy of the Soybean Fungicide Guide from NDSU, click here.

2016 Field Crop Insect Management Guide
Click here to view & download NDSU’s 2015 Field Crop Insect Management Guide.

2016 North Dakota Weed Control Guide
To view and download NDSU’s most recent North Dakota Weed Control Guide, click here.

Soil Health Videos

Wind erosion is a primary issue facing North Dakota farmers. In this video series, Dave Franzen (NDSU soil specialist) talks about historical soil and nutrient losses for North Dakota. Abbey Wick (NDSU soil health specialist) talks about erosion processes and Jodi DeJong Hughes (UMN extension educator) talks about minimizing soil loss with different management practices.  View other videos on soil health at

Soybean Research Yields Better Results

The North Dakota Soybean Council (NDSC) is committed to funding a strong soybean research program, allocating 30-40 percent of checkoff funds toward soybean production research. We also contribute funds to the North Central Soybean Research Program (NCSRP) to help coordinate regional soybean production research.

The NDSC’s investment in research helps soybean farmers obtain better quality, improve yields, control pests and diseases and expand market options. The NDSC Research Committee, comprising soybean farmers and researchers, identifies farmer priorities, sets the council’s research objectives and requests studies to meet those objectives.

To learn more about production research projects funded by NDSC in 2016, click here for the annual 2016 Research Update.  




NDSC Research Proposal Process

For more information on submitting a research proposal to the ND Soybean Council, please check out this page.

Or contact Director of Research Programs Kendall Nichols at (701) 239-7192 or by email at knichols@ndsoybean.og.

Sudden Death Syndrome (SDS) Information

As of now, we do not have any confirmed instances of SDS in North Dakota, but it is a major problem in most North Central States. A new “Focus On Soybean” webcast has been created by the Plant Management Network(PMN) to help expand farmer’s management options.

To find more information on SDS, go to:

Giant Ragweed Management

Glyphosate Resistant Giant Ragweed is primarily in Richland County, but it has the potential to spread to other counties. It could become a significant problem the same way Common Ragweed became a problem, according to NDSU Extension Specialist Rich Zollinger. Giant Ragweed is especially prevalent around waterways because water will move seed any place water flows. Also, Giant Ragweed is more competitive with soybean and will reduce yield more than Common Ragweed.

For information about Giant Ragweed Management, check out the new Focus on Soybean presentation, titled “Giant Ragweed Management in Soybean”.

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