What’s on Santa’s List? U.S. Soy Products!

He’s making a list. He’s checking it twice, and wouldn’t a soy-based gift be nice? Soy’s applications go beyond food and animal feed, and soy’s influence does, too. Purchasing art supplies, cosmetics and other products made with soy not only supports local farmers and communities, but also contributes to the health of our planet. Before Santa Claus packs his sleigh for the holiday season, explore the many affordable, sustainable soy-based gifts for everyone on his list.

Crayon Rocks

For DIYers

Are you a DIY gift-giver, crafting unique presents for the people on your list? Rust-Oleum Varathane® wood stains are perfect for you. Use these soy-based stains for the homemade signs and décor that you plan to make this season. If you have a DIYer in your life, Rust-Oleum is a great stocking stuffer. The best part is that it’s made with U.S. soy. To learn more, visit www.bit.ly/SoyWoodStain




For Dad

Dad might not request motor oil for Christmas, but he won’t complain when he receives it as a gift, especially if the motor oil is good in engines, is sustainable and supports U.S. soybean farmers. Help support longer engine life and U.S. soy with Biosynthetic® motor oil.


Visit www.bit.ly/SoyBiosyntheticOil to learn more.


For Entire Family

Pile the entire family into a new Ford vehicle this Christmas, and enjoy the comfort of seats made with foam derived from U.S. soy. Not only are Fords stylish and comfy, but the seats in every vehicle produced in North America are also made with sustainable components that anyone in the family can get behind.


Learn more about Ford’s soy-based seating at www.bit.ly/SoyFoamSeatsFord






Before drafting this year’s letter to Santa Claus, consider all the soy-based products that can make life more comfortable, fun and sustainable for everyone on your list. Learn more and shop at www.bit.ly/USsoyproducts