Soy Tire Grant Opportunity for Local First Responders
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Soy Tire Grant Opportunity for Local First Responders

Soy Tire Grant Opportunity for Local First Responders


North Dakota soybean farmers, through their soybean checkoff dollars, are giving back to local first responders while promoting soy-based innovation at the same time.


The North Dakota Soybean Council (NDSC) is providing grants, up to $1,000 per organization, for the purchase of Goodyear soy-based tires for first responders across the state. The board wants to give back to their communities, while also supporting the various uses for soybeans.


Since 2017, Goodyear, supported by United Soybean Board soy checkoff investments, has released seven lines of tires with soybean oil compounds. The Akron, Ohio-based company has increased its use of soybeans by 73% since 2018, according to the company, and pledged to fully replace all of its petroleum-driven oils with soybean oil by 2040.


For more information and to apply for the grant, please contact NDSC Outreach & Education Coordinator Shireen Alemadi.

Phone: 701-361-5190