North Dakota Soybean Council | Essential Amino Acids Project
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Essential Amino Acids Project

Essential Amino Acids Project

In collaboration with South Dakota and Minnesota, the ND Soybean Council is engaged in a project designed to change the way soybean buyers define protein quality.


For many years, crude protein has been the conventional measure of soybean protein quality. Yet soybean farmers in our region have lower crude protein levels due to environmental conditions.


Careful analysis through several years of research has shown that the protein quality of northern soybeans is much better thanks to their higher concentrations of essential amino acids.


Thanks to your checkoff dollars, we are able to conduct this research and educate international buyers on the fact that amino acid content is the more complete and accurate indicator of soybean feeding value. This will ultimately lead to increased market share and higher returns to soybean farmers in this region.


To learn more about this project, click here for a complete article.


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