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Connecting with Consumers

LivingAgPic2It’s no secret that more Americans have become disconnected from farms – both in distance and general knowledge about today’s agriculture. As a result, consumers now have more questions, and even some concerns, about the origins of their food.

Since many misconceptions exist about the production of food, feed, fuel and fiber, the North Dakota Soybean Council (NDSC) continues to educate and communicate with consumers in various ways throughout the year. NDSC exhibits at state agricultural trade shows; state health and nutrition fairs; various family and youth events; energy conferences; and other events in an effort to build greater awareness among consumer audiences of the benefits of U.S. soy and its end uses.

CommonGround™ North Dakota

CommonGround is a national movement of farm women who want to engage in conversations about farming and the food they grow. CommonGround North Dakota includes a group of farm women working to help dispel myths and build trust in farm families. They answer questions and share facts, as well as their personal stories of farm life. Please help find our CommonGround.

CommonGround's 'Banquet in a Field' August 2014 at Peterson Farm Seed. Photo courtesy of Krista Kappes.

CommonGround’s ‘Banquet in a Field’ August 2014 at Peterson Farm Seed. Photo courtesy of Krista Kappes.

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Soy Products Guide

Click here to learn about soy-based products available for your use. From cleaning supplies to construction products, find ways to implement soy in your life.


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We know how good soyfoods taste, now we’re finding out how good they are for us. Studies at institutions like the Mayo Clinic, Harvard University, Duke University and others have revealed evidence of the wonders of soy, especially soy protein.

Health Benefits of Soy Protein

  • Low in saturated fat and cholesterol-free.
  • Rich in vitamins and minerals, including folic acid, potassium and fiber.
  • Directly lowers LDL cholesterol 3 to 5 percent.
  • It’s recognized as part of a healthy diet by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration and American Heart Association.
  • Research suggests it may play a role in preventing or reducing some forms of cancer.
  • Just one or two daily servings of soyfoods during childhood or adolescence may reduce cancer risk as an adult up to 50 percent.
  • Consumption of soyfoods may reduce breast cancer.
  • Men who eat soyfoods daily may be less likely to develop prostate cancer, and soyfood consumption may also inhibit the growth of existing tumors.

Soyfoods offer quick, healthy options for incorporating soy into traditional recipes. Consider these quick and healthy ways to incorporate soy into traditional recipes:   Use soy flour when making breads and gravies, or add soy protein crumbles to poultry stuffing. Even eggnog, cocoa and fruit drinks can be fortified with soy protein powder or soymilk.

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