Map of Biodiesel Distrubutors in North Dakota

Photo courtesy of Results Unlimited

A Clear Alternative Fuel Choice

Biodiesel is a cleaner-burning renewable fuel produced from domestic, renewable resources such as soybean oil. It offers similar fuel economy, horsepower and torque to petroleum diesel, but with fewer harmful effects.

Works with Existing Engines

Biodiesel works in any diesel engine with few or no modifications. Its positive performance attributes include increased cetane, high fuel lubricity and high oxygen content. It offers significant advantages in a wide range of applications, including fleets, transit, passenger vehicles, school buses, electrical generators, farming, marine and mining. Biodiesel made from soybean oil, in particular, offers superior cold-flow properties.

Good for Environment – Good for Health

Biodiesel is better for our environment and our health. It has higher oxygen content, so it burns substantially cleaner than petroleum diesel, significantly lowering harmful emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, sulfates and particulate matter. It is less toxic than table salt, biodegrades as fast as sugar and is essentially free of sulfur and aromatics.

Reduces Foreign Oil Demand

Since it is made in the United States, biodiesel use stretches our fossil fuel reserves and decreases our dependence on foreign oil to make our country stronger and more self-reliant. In North Dakota, it is especially beneficial to our soybean farmers and the local communities they help support. Meanwhile, biodiesel production adds new jobs, stimulating the U.S. economy even further.

To learn more about biodiesel, visit the National Biodiesel Board.

For questions about diesel and biodiesel call the Diesel Helpline at 800-929-3437. 

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