NDSC Seeks Leaders to Represent North Dakota Soybean Farmers

In 2019, the North Dakota Soybean Council (NDSC) will seek four soybean farmers from districts across the state to serve on its Board of Directors.  Check back for more details later in 2018.

How do the Elections Work?

The process is conducted by mail ballot. Soybean farmers who reside in counties that are up for election in 2018 will receive instructions regarding NDSC’s election process via mail after January 1.

To see the complete election process flow chart, Click here

Roles and Responsibilities of the NDSC County Representatives

  • While there are no regularly scheduled meetings for county representatives to attend, there are many opportunities to serve that do not require a large investment of time or travel. Examples of ways to serve include:
    • Participate in soybean producer outreach efforts – provide feedback on programs and initiatives the Council is interested in pursuing.
    • Provide input to establishing the NDSC’s research priorities for the year
    • Attend at least one meeting a year with the Council board and staff to become more familiar with the work of the Council
    • Attend the annual Soybean Expo to be recognized
    • Participate in the Council and United Soybean Board director election process
    • Attend Council sponsored events and producer education meetings as able
    • Attend a County Representatives orientation session to learn about the work of the Council
    • Help promote, educate and communicate the work of the Council to producers in their counties
    • Communicate issues of concern regarding the soybean industry or the Council to the Council
    • Inform the Council of new soybean producers in their area who we may not have on our mailing list

Roles and Responsibilities of NDSC District Representatives

  • Elected county representatives move on to a district election, where a district representative is elected to serve on the NDSC Board of Directors. Responsibilities for NDSC board members include, but are not limited to:
    • Attending at least four board meetings a year that are held in Fargo.
    • If assigned to participate on a board committee, attending all scheduled committee meetings.
    • If appointed by the board to represent NDSC on outside boards or committees, attending all scheduled meetings at the NDSC’s expense.
  • Attending/participating in educational and leadership opportunities sponsored by the NDSC.

Areas of Focus for the Soybean Industry

As an elected representative to NDSC, you will help guide the North Dakota soybean industry in the areas of domestic and international marketing, research, transportation, producer education/communications and consumer awareness.

If you have questions regarding the election process, please feel to contact NDSC Executive Director Stephanie Sinner at (701) 239-7194  or by email at ssinner@ndsoybean.org 




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